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Hello again! As promised, this post will be about dual booting on your computer. For those who don't know,
dual-booting is the act of having two operating systems installed simultaneously on your computer. To do this, you will
need some tools:

1. Knoppix Live CD :
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2. A Brain

3. Recommended 10g free space

4. Desire to run Linux

Once you've downloaded the Knoppix iso, check the md5 if desired, then burn the iso to a disk. The iso is a file
that tells the cd burner exactly what goes on the disk. Once that is done, you should defragment your hard drive. Some
times when a drive is fragmented, you cant partition it because there are fragments in the area you are separating. This
may take some time. Walk around, read a book, or just watch while this is in progress.

If Knoppix booted, congratulations, were 1/3 of the way there. If not, refer to your BIOS manual and see how to boot
from cd. After Knoppix boots, you should see a menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Click the left most icon(a
'K'), and then go to Knoppix->Set Root Password. Type in something you will remember for the next couple
minutes, something like qwerty is suffice. Now go to K->System->QtParted. If it prompts for a password, enter your
password that you just setup.

Caution: This next step has never failed for me, but I have heard that if it fails, you will loose all your data.
Don't say I didn't warn you!
Now that your in QTParted, you should see a list of devices on the left of the window, usually /dev/something. One of
them should say /dev/hd*. This is your harddrive. Click it, and wait while it scans for partitions. Now right click the
bar and click edit. Drag the dividing bar, so that you shrink your current partition. I recommend leaving a little free
space on your current partition, but I like to have about 10g for Linux. Click Ok. Now go to the free space, and
right-click it. Set it to be a primary partition with an ext3 type. You may also want to create a partition for swap
space, which is like using hdd space as ram.Then, click the check box near the top of the QT Parted Window. This will
start applying changes. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR COMPUTER DURING THIS TIME!!! Once its done, it will ask you to restart your
computer twice. Reboot, and remove the Knoppix cd when it asks you to. By the way, to reboot, go to the K. Now you
should have successfully setup your partitions. Next, I will guide you through installing Linux.

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