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       ----- fighter -----

      This article will be a guide on how to get a live-cd distribution of Ubuntu onto an usb-stick. I reckon it can be used with a
      wider variety of live-cd's but i will use ubuntu as an example.

      First, get a suitable usb-stick, I would use a simple 4GB Sandisk, but it's your choice.

      Second, you will want to get the "desktop"-cd distribution of ubuntu. I will use 7.10 since it's the latest dist at
      this time.
      Ubuntu: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

      Third, you will want the latest version of syslinux
      [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

      Now, let's get started.

      First, you will have to copy the contents of the ubuntu iso file onto the usb-stick.
      You want to copy every single file, even the hidden ones.

      Secondly you want to copy the contents of the subdirectories install and isolinux, and the files initrd.gz/vmlinuz to the root of
      your usb-stick.

      Now let's boot up cmd and go to the directory you extracted syslinux into. ../syslinux/win32
      here you will want to issue the command
      syslinux -sf x: (Where x is your usb-stick drive)

      Now let's edit a file :D

      Open up the file isolinux.cfg in your favorite texteditor(notepad) and delete anything that has to do with the subdirectories
      "/install/" and "/casper/"

      Now, as you've edited the file, rename it to "syslinux.cfg"

      The usb-stick is now prepared and you will have to configure your bios to boot from it.

      Happy linuxing!

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