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      These are just a few common hardware problems people have everyday, and how to fix them. 

      1.My computer keeps shutting itself down after a few minutes of being on.

      A.This is probably done your computer over-heating and shutting off as a saftey measure. 
      -Check to see if your fans are working, if not, you may want to replace your fans.

      -If you fans are working, see if your heatsink on your processor is good, this is usually the main cause of overheating. 

      2.My computer turns on, but there is no video going to the moniter.

      A.This could be many problems, either the onboard video, or your video card is bad, your moniter is bad, or your power supply. 
      -1st check to see if its the moniter, if you have another moniter in your house then just replace it and see if the video comes up.

      -If video still does not come up, i would suggest testing your video card next. If you just have onboard video, then try putting in a not very expinsive video card, and see if it
      will play from the Video card. If you have a Video card, take it out, adn see if it will play off the onboard video.

      -Your power supply may not be putting out enough power in order to run the video card you have, or it may not have enough power to push the video to output on your moniter. DO NOT
      WORK ON THE POWERSUPPLY. it holds a charge large enough to kill many humans it 1 shock, even unpluged, and for a long period of time. so i would suggest getting a Meter, so you
      may test the voltage output, or you can replace the powersupply and see if this works. 

      3.My computer wont even turn on at all.

      A. this could either be because your computer is unplugged, the power switch in back is turned off, the power cables either came undone, or were not connected properly, or you have
      a bad powersupply.

      -Make sure its plugged in....

      -look it back, there should be a switch either under, or beside, the power plug going to the computer. just flip it and see if it works then.

      -check inside, follow the cables from the power supply, be sure there is power connecting to the hard-drive, cd rom, floppy(if you have one) and especially make sure that the power
      cords that are supposed to be connected to the motherboard are connected. 

      -If none of these work, i suggest getting a new powersupply, but be sure the specs fit your computer.

      4.My computer turns on, then it beeps to a blue screen.

      A. This problem is called the blue screen of death. Not many ways around this problem.

      -Restart your computer a few times, if nothing happens and it keeps going back to a blue screen, then you may need to try these other steps. 

      -You can try to use recovery disc if you have made them, when the computer is booting, press the key to go to BIOS settup, and make your computer boot from CD drive as 1st priorty.
      this will allow you to boot from the recovery CD and you may be able to recover you computer to an earlier time without losing much of you data.

      -If Neither of these work, you will have to Format your computer useing your OS disc. This will delete your whole harddrive, and start you over fresh as if you just got a new
      computer. if you need help on this, ask me how to do this(i will be making an article on how). The data you lose when formating is possible to recover, but is a long process. 

      5. I have recently formated my computer, and now i am not able to get on the internet.

      A.This problem is due to the fact you lost your ethernet driver in the format.

      -If this is a factory, or an after market, ethernet device, then you should have gotton a disc with the drivers on it, just reinstall the disc and you are good to go.

      -If you have lost the disc, then figure out the name of your ethernet card and who the made it. Next thing you do is get on a computer with internet access, and google "your
      ethernet card" drivers. you will be able to download the driver, either put it on a USB drive, floppy, or a CD-r/rw. Then load the driver on the computer who needs the

      6.I have set a password on BIOS, but i forgot what it is.

      A. I have seen this many times, dont worry, it happens to a lot of people, or you may have gotton it like this from a store, or from someone else.

      - On some computers if you just take out the BIOS battery it will reset everything in bios, including the password. 

      -Others you can flash the motherboard, this is VERY dangerous if you dont konw what your doing. and it is differant on almost all motherboards, so google your motherboard and how
      to do this before you try anything.

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