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      In a continuation of the website blocking phenomenon, an anti-piracy group fresh to the action has applied to have several major torrent sites blocked at the ISP level in Greece. AEPI, the Greek Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property, has filed at court to have KickAssTorrents, isoHunt, 1337x and H33T all rendered inaccessible to subscribers. Sources inform TorrentFreak that The Pirate Bay will also be targeted later this month.
      More recent and notable successes for the entertainment industries include blocking major torrent sites in the UK, and in Italy where a total of 27 domains have been blocked.
      In addition to sundry other countries already initiating court-ordered blockades, action can be expected from other major regions in the months to come. Spain, France, Norway has all agreed to move tough measures for site censorship.

      The option to block access to sites raises serious questions on the issue of the protection of Net Neutrality. The decision is expected within the next few days and will take effect until there is a ruling about the injunction measures asked by AEPI. Even if there is no concept of ‘legal precedent’ in the Greek Law System, it is believed that a ruling favoring AEPI may influence future cases in Greece.”


      Do they think this will in any way improve the economy?

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