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      This tutorial will show you how to make Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker and Aleo Flash MP3 Player Builder working together, and add a music player to your Flash banner.
      Step 1

      Firstly, make a Flash music player with Aleo Flash MP3 Player Builder.

      1. In "Add Songs" panel, select your MP3 files to the list.
      2. In "Flash Player" panel, select your favorite Flash player.
      3. In "Publish" panel, "Publish Options", select the second option "Generate one Flash player, and incorporate all of the music files and track list file to it", then click "Publish" button, and generate the Flash player SWF file.

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      Step 2

      In this step, you can incorporate the Flash music player to your Flash banner with Aleo Flash Intro Banner Maker.

      In "Background" panel, select the option "Add images and Flash movies to background", then click button "Add Image", select the Flash player SWF file created in the previous step.

      [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

      Now, the Flash music player has been added to the Flash banner. And in the "Web Link" panel, you can NOT select the option "Open web page when user clicks on Flash movie", otherwise, the Flash music player will be non-clickable.

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