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if you have forgotten your
windows 8 password. How to
recover it in the most safe
way without using any third
party softwares. There are
many free softwares from third parties to recover lost
password in windows 8,
where most of them are not
so safe and advisable to use.
So in this guide there i no
involvement of any third party software. the
procedure is a bit long but
not too complicated. Freetrics
will try to explain the steps in
the simplest form. The
recovery in windows 8 is a kinda different from previous
windows versions, so lets see
how to recover lost password
on windows 8.
Windows 8 password reset
requirements. Blank cd Or windows 8
installation cd Cd drive with windows 8
operating system. These tools are needed to
make windows 8 recovery cd. If you dont have a cd drive on
your windows 8 pc you can
use a usb pen drive to make
the recover for your windows
8. How to make a recovery of
windows 8 on a cd Go to control panel. Windows 8 file recovery. Create a system recover disk
(choose system recovery
drive for creating recovery on
the usb pendrive). Once the recovery procedure
is completed you are ready to
take the next step. How to run the recovery cd or
drive to recover password on
your locked windows 8 pc.
Once you are all set with the
recovery cd for windows 8
lets move on to the locked windows 8 pc. Insert the recovery disc (usb
pendrive) and boot the
locked windows 8 pc. It will open the command
prompt screen. Those who are having
windows 8 installation cd can
use it and on the first
installation screen press the
combination “shift key=f10
key” to start the command prompt. Once you are in the command
prompt screen follow the
instruction and the
commands used carefully to
recover your locked windows
8 pc. Type in the disk partition in
which you installed your
windows 8, in most cases it
would be on c drive. so type “c” and enter. “cd windows” enter. “cd system32″ enter. “copy cmd.exe
cmd.exe.original” enter. “Utilman.exe
Utilman.exe.original” enter. “del Utilman.exe” enter. “ren cmd.exe Utilman.exe”
enter. “Shutdown -r -t 00″ enter. Now the system will restart
and take you to the login
screen of windows 8. On the left bottom of the
logon screen you will see the
ease of access icon. Click on that icon this will
again open the command
prompt window. “net user” enter. “net user Reboot.Pro” Now the command prompt
will ask you to enter the new
password. enter the new
password and press enter. Command prompt will ask
you to confirm the new
password retype your new
password and press enter. The command prompt will
show a success message. Type “exit” and click enter to
exit command prompt. Now the windows 8 will take
you to the login window.
enter the new password
there and login.
You should reset the changes
made to the cmd file that you made through command
prompt. To do this follow the
steps below. “c” enter. “cd windows” enter. “cd system32″ enter. “del Utilman.exe” enter. “ren Utilman.exe.original
Utilman.exe” enter. “ren cmd.exe.original
cmd.exe” enter. “shutdown -r -t 00″ enter. The last command reboots
the windows 8 pc. You can
use the new password to
logon to windows 8
That is it, that was all about
the windows 8 lost password recovery

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