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      Are you using Windows XP SP2? but cannot install some apps and requiring you to upgrade to SP3? Now this is one of the best solution you can find in the Internet. I made a tutorial about changing your windows xp service pack 2 to service pack 3. Note that it will only change the name from Service Pack 2 to Service Pack 3 to bypass whatever software requiring you to install or upgrade Service Pack 3, and probably may cause future problems. Below are the simple steps. Step 1: Run Regedit by Clicking on Start -> Run , type in regedit and press enter Alternatively you can just press Ctrl + R and type regedit (Optional) Step 2: Make a
      backup of your registry (just in
      case) Step 3: Browse to “HKEY_ LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\
      CurrentControlSet\ Control\
      Windows” Step 4: Modify the value of
      “CSDVersion” from “0×00000200″ (SP2) to the
      Windows XP SP3 value of
      “0×00000300″ Step 5: Close registry editor Step 6: Reboot

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