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      Often the laptop hangs at the wrong time. When we are working on a task with short deadline, the laptop hangs on after a few minutes. Of course this is very disturbing, in addition to our work was delayed, the most frustrating is that we've typed a few pages, suddenly the laptop hangs when the file was not saved. Seemed eager to slam the laptop, but that does not solve the problem. We'd better prepare you before it happens.

      Yes, the laptop hangs there must be a reason. And we must know the common causes of laptop hangs. Here I will discuss the causes of the laptop hangs and how to overcome them.

      The main cause is due to hang a laptop that access charges exceed the ability processor run on our laptops, one reason to use a laptop more than two hours without cooling pad / fan cooling, so that the temperature on the processor is high and exceeds the maximum limit that can be detained processor. Keep in mind, unlike Laptop PC components in terms of room placement. Laptop heat faster.

      How to fix?. Always use a cooling pad, especially if you use more than 2 hours. Than if you use a laptop in place air-conditioned, of course without the cooling pad is not a problem. Because the temperature of the room will automatically stabilize the processor work. Do not often use the laptop without cooling pad in the long term because this will cause the processor overheats and then destroyed.

      Reduce access to software in large quantities simultaneously. This would burden the working memory. Or if your job requires a lot of programs accessed simultaneously, laptop memory upgrades.
      It means you have to add a memory of your laptop. Because one symptom hangs on a laptop in addition to the processor is located in memory. Less memory or memory is damaged causing hangs on a laptop.

      Upgrade your antivirus and scan all your files so free from viruses. It's also one of the causes of your laptop hangs. Many viruses will damage the system and burdensome work laptop. If a virus in your laptop a lot and more than 100 viruses, then the best step reinstall your laptop.

      Defrag your HDD (hard drive) to spruce up your files. The files also included many scattered one cause hangs on a laptop.

      Perform defragmentation (defrag) only if you enter more than 1 GB size file folders. Do not be too often defragging the HDD because it would reduce the performance of your laptop HDD. Do it only for the final step.

      How to defrag:

      * Right-click My Computer
      * Click on Manage
      * Click defragmenter
      * Select the drive you want to defrag the C / D
      * Click Defragment
      * Allow the defrag process until finished tidying your file
      * Close programs

      The second way:

      * Click the Start menu> programs> accessories> System Tools> Disk Defragmenter
      * Select the drive you want to defrag
      * Click Defragment
      * Allow the defrag process until finished tidying your file
      * Close programs

      So to overcome hang on a laptop, you only need to do a few simple steps, as follows:

      1. Use a cooling pad when using a laptop (especially the use of more than 2 hours)
      2. Reduce access to the software simultaneously
      3. Upgrade memory
      4. Free your files from viruses with antivirus upgrade
      5. Defragment HDD laptop

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