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      Hiding your files and folders are very important.because it is used to protect your personal information to others.some software's are available in online for hide your files and folders.but without using software to hide your files and folders are possible by using command prompt.
      using command prompt are very simple method and very easy to hide any files and is very strong to protect your files and folders.

      follow the steps to hide your files and folders by using command prompt. your command prompt(press window key + r or Start=>All programs=> Accessories => Command prompt)

      2. Type this command:
      attrib +s +h D:\folder or file name

      for example your folder name is bank secret and it is available in D drive.then you can type this
      attrib +s +h D:\bank secret .thats all now your folder was hidden.and any one cant view this file.

      if you want to visible or reappear this folder then type
      attrib -s -h D:\folder or file name


      attrib -s -h D:\bank secret(only changing symbol + to -)

      thats all now your folder is visible

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