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      If you think mobile marketing is for big businesses only, think again. In fact, small businesses have more to gain from mobile marketing than anyone else. That’s because their customers aren’t likely to hear about them any other way. Today, nearly everyone in America has a cell phone, many of these are smart phones capable of connecting to the internet from anywhere. This constant internet connection is changing consumer behavior drastically. Gone are the days when customers need to visit a business or call them up to ask questions. A quick Google search on their phone or tablet tells them what they need to know. Companies that aren’t innovating are being overlooked by these consumers.

      A new type of customer

      Before the smart phone, a person that was out shopping would have to base their decision solely on the price and what they could determine from having the product in front of them. Now, it is perfectly normal to see a customer looking at a product, talking to a salesperson, and searching the web for additional information. This type of comparison shopper is the new norm. In many instances, a company’s web presence makes or breaks a deal.

      The importance of immediacy

      What a lot of the research is revealing is that the appeal for mobile devices is the immediacy. A person can see an ad on TV. Then, without even getting up from the couch, that person can pull out a smart phone, do a little comparative shopping, and make a purchase. Likewise, a person who is shopping for a particular product doesn’t have to do research beforehand. They can head out with smartphone in hand, ready to do any research they need while in the store.

      Sink or swim

      As with all business ventures, success is determined by the willingness to take risks. Business owners willing to take the step into mobile marketing will be rewarded so long as they do it right. Meanwhile, businesses that continue to resist are most likely doomed to remain stagnant. Consider this statistic: small businesses that are using the Web are growing 40% faster than the businesses that aren’t. Despite the huge advantage the internet offers, 50% of small businesses still have little to no Web presence. If you’re a small business owner still on the fence about mobile marketing, it’s time to decide which half you want to side with, the side that’s swimming, or the side that’s sinking.

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