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      Tor and the Vidalia Project have made it easy for the general user to browse anonymously. It's also useful for the "trusting/lazy hacker". Basically Tor works like your usual proxy chain but has one useful function that sets it apart. Each computer in the chain only knows where it came from last and where it was goin - therefore the first and last bounces don't know each other, or any other corelated relationships. One potential problem is servers that allow you to use them as part of the chain are all volunteers - and in the past, some serv users have been able to "listen in" on the info that's being passed around. If you keep up on your news, you'll remember a while back a big list of emails and passwords from a foreign country's goverment was retrived this way. So the choice is up to you. I used to use it, but after they've updated some of their code, it appears their chains are less than ideal and connectivity and speed are marginal at best. But I will go ahead and give you some quick tips on 'tor-ifying' your applications in Windows - since most of our users are on this platform.

      ________________________________SETUP_____________ _________________________________________
      First you need to dl Tor.
      *Follow onscreen installation instructions shouldn't have problems

      Second you need to dl FreeCap.
      *Follow onscreen installation instructions shouldn't have problems

      ______________________________CONFIGURE___________ __________________________________________
      Next step is configuring FreeCap. Open it up.
      *File -> Settings->Proxy Settings Tab
      *Default Server:
      *Port: 9050
      *Socks 4 - no user name

      Next is setting up an application:
      *Click the Blank Page icon to open up the New Application page
      *Click Browse and locate the app you want to use - Click Ok

      ______________________________LAUNCH______________ __________________________________________
      You'll now see on the FreeCap main window the application that you just setup. To run it click on it and click the green Play button. Your application is now running thru the Tor Network. Merry Christmas.

      _____________________ADDITIONAL NOTES__________________________________
      Some of the chains that Tor strings together are quite honestly ****ty and it's a hit and miss. To manually make Tor select a new chain, right click on your green onion in the sys tray and select New Identity. This will most probably take several tries - the bandwidth monitor is your friend.

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