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       ----- fighter -----

      Game Cheats:
      Cheat Mode

      Go to the 'Extras' option at the 'Main' menu and select 'Promotional Unlocks' followed by 'Enter Code'. Then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding effect. Note: The 'Server-Driven Content' option in the 'Help & Options' menu may need to be enabled.

      Viral Persona:
      Enter X340F5IS979E7K3Q as a code and ignore the error message.

      Promotional Card #1:
      Enter GKSNDR as a code.

      Promotional Card #2:
      Enter DWNNDR as a code.

      Promotional Card #3:
      Enter FTHPTH as a code.

      Promotional Card #4:
      Enter TRCKSC as a code.

      Promotional Card #5:
      Enter PRSTTT as a code.

      Foil Promotional Unlocks
      On the player status page, click on the promotions page. From there at the bottom, hit the enter code button. Enter each of the following codes to unlock one card per deck, up to a total of 40 cards for each deck.

      Promo Unlock 01

      Promo Unlock 02

      Promo Unlock 03

      Promo Unlock 04

      Promo Unlock 05

      Promo Unlock 06

      Promo Unlock 07

      Promo Unlock 08

      Promo Unlock 09

      Promo Unlock 10

      Acquire the Sliver Fossil: Defeat the "Sliver Hive" deck in campaign mode
      Battlemaster: Win 75 games
      Bloodless Triumph: Win a game while dealing no combat damage to a player
      Burn Monster, Burn!: Lose the "Angry Mob" encounter
      Chandra's Ally: Defeat Ramaz
      Counter Crazy: Control a permanent with ten or more counters on it.
      Death Dealer: Destroy and/or deal lethal damage to 300 creatures
      Deck Eclectic: Win a game with each deck
      Defeat Ramaz's Ally: Defeat the "Chant of Mul Daya" deck in campaign mode
      Deflectomancer: Counter 25 spells
      Field Marshal: Have 40 permanents on the battlefield
      Flawless Victory: Win a game without losing any life
      Heavy Hitter: Deal over 200 damage in the "Go Berserk" Challenge
      Hivelord: Control seven or more Slivers with different names
      In It to Win: Win 25 games
      Land Lord: Control seventeen land of a single type
      Lord of Foriys: Win a Two-Headed Giant game
      Maestro of Sealed: Complete the Sealed campaign
      Master of Magic: Unlock every deck
      Masterful Strategist: Win a Multiplayer game
      Recover the Scrying Shard: Defeat the "Enter the Dracomancer" deck in campaign mode
      Sealed the Deal: Win a Sealed game
      Secrets of the Dimir: Defeat the "Masks of the Dimir" deck in campaign mode
      Skilled Tactician: Solve a Challenge
      Slaughtermaster: Deal a total of 5000 damage
      Sparer of Pawns: Win a game without destroying or dealing lethal damage to a creature
      Spell Delver: Unlock 50 cards
      Spellbook Complete: Fully unlock one deck
      Super Sleuth: Solve every Challenge
      Worthy Adversary: Defeat the "Avacyn's Glory" deck in campaign mode

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